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NKC Sanctioned
American Bulldog Shows



If a Show is being advertised somewhere and it is not listed below, The Show is NOT BEING SANCTIONED by the National Kennel Club.  For a show to be sanctioned by the NKC it must be applied for in writing to the National Kennel Club.  A club is not to advertise they are having a sanctioned Show before they have applied for it and it has been approved by the NKC.  If you have any questions contact the NKC office at 865-932-9680.

Updated 1-14-16

April 23th, 24th & 25th  2016
Carolina American Bulldog Spectacular!
Mt Ulla, NC
2 shows Saturday 1 Show Sunday
Show Information

May 27th,  28th & 29th 2016
NKC National American Bulldog Show
Alabama Classic
V.F.W. Fair Grounds FT Payne, AL
Alan Scott -
Show Information

August 5th -7th 2016
Haywood County Fair Grounds, Waynesville, NC
Susan McLean & Dennis Buckner
828-400-6229 - 828-648-0104
Show Information


September 23rd, 24th & 25 2016
Red Rock American Bullodgs
Ashburn, GA
Amanda Gray

November 2016
Piedmot American Bulldog Club
3448 Melinda Lane, Claremont, NC
Maggie & Richard Shook