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Breed Standards for the Briard



General Appearance:

The Braird is square or slightly longer than it is tall and powerful without being course




Wide muzzle with mustache and beard; Large calm eyes; High-set ears; natural ear is straight, lying away from the head and covered with hair, cropped ear is long with rounded tip.




Carried low and ending in curve




All uniform colors except white (includes black, tawny, and gray shades)




Weight:  75–100 lb

Height:   male: 23-27”;  female: 22-25.5”




Its movement has been described as quicksilver, with supple, light strides that give the impression of gliding.




Its undercoat is fine and tight, and its outer coat is coarse and dry, lying flat in long, slightly wavy locks.




Independent, intelligent, and self-assured

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