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Breed Standards for the Collie



General Appearance:

A dog of great beauty with physical structure on the lines of strength and activity




Head resembles a blunt lean wedge from profile and front views; Flat skull; Small ears, carried semi erect when alert with the top quarter tipping forward; Medium-sized, almond-shaped eyes




Carried low




Sable and white, tricolor, blue merle; white (predominantly white, preferably with markings)




The coat can be of two types, both with a soft, abundant undercoat.  The outer coat of the Smooth variety is short, hard, and flat:  that of the Rough variety is straight, harsh, abundant, and long, particularly on the mane and ruff.




Weight:  male: 60-75 lb;  female: 50-65 lb

Height:   male: 24-26”;  female: 22-24”




Suggests effortless speed as well as the ability to change speed and direction instantly.




Gentle and devoted, a mild-mannered friend to all

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