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Breed Standards for the English Cocker Spaniel



General Appearance:

Slightly taller than long, compactly built, and short coupled




Slightly oval eyes; Slightly flattened skull, with moderate stop; Softly contoured head, with soft expression;  Low-set ears




Docked tail, carried horizontally




Solid black, liver, or red, black and tan, liver and tan, and any of these colors on a white background either parti-colored, ticked or roan




Weight: male: 28-34 lb;  female: 26-32 lb

Height:  male: 16-17”;  female 15-16”




Powerful and ground covering




Medium length, silky in texture, and either flat or slightly wavy




It is cheerful, inquisitive, demonstrative, devoted, biddable, loyal, and sensitive.

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