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Standards for the Labrador Retriever



General Appearance:

A well proportioned, solid and strongly built, yet medium sized sporting/working animal.




The broad skull had a clean-cut, slightly pronounce brow with a medium long muzzle. The medium sized ears are set somewhat low and well back, being held close to the head. The black, brown, yellow, or hazel eyes are also medium in size, conveying an expression of friendly intellect.  The nose is large with well developed nostrils.




The powerful, well built body has a broad deep set chest. The forelegs are straight and the well developed hindquarters are strong with wide lions. A distinctive feature, the tail has an “otter” shape. It is very thick at the base, tapering to the tip with no feathering and of medium length.




The short, dense, virtually waterproof coat is one of three solid colors, yellow, black, or chocolate.




Females: 21.5-23.5 inches // 55-70 pounds

        Males: 22.5-24.5 inches // 60-70 pounds




The gentleness, reliability and good naturalness of this breed deems it well suited for its use not only as a guide for the blind, but also as a loyal and dependable companion for children. They are excellent gun-dogs, and are used not only by hunters, but also by the police as guard dogs, and drug-sniffing dogs.

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