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Breed Standards for the Lakeland Terrier



General Appearance:

A rather small dog of short-backed, square proportion with a sturdy, workmanlike build




Head appears rectangular from all angels; Eyes moderately small and oval; Small, V-shaped ears, dropping forward with fold above skull level




Set high, carried upright with a slight curve forward, docked to about same height as occiput




Solid (blue, black, liver, red or wheaten); or wheaten or golden tan with a saddle of blue, black, liver or grizzle




Weight:  about 17 lb

Height:   male: 14.5”;  female: 13.5”




Smooth and ground covering, with good reach and drive




Its double coat consists of a soft undercoat and a hard, wiry outer coat




Always busy investigating, playing, and if really gets its wish, hunting, running and chasing

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