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Breed Standards for the Newfoundland



General Appearance:

A large, heavily boned, powerful dog, strong enough to pull a drowning man from rough seas and imposing enough to make an effective guard.




Broad skull; eyes relatively small and deep set; proud head carriage; ears relatively small, triangular with rounded tips.




Held down when relaxed; never carried over the back




Solid black, brown, or gray, may have white on chin, chest, toes, and tail tip; or white base color with black markings




Weight:  Male 130 – 150 lb; Female 100 – 120 lbs

Height:   Male 28 inches; Female 26 inches




The Newfoundland is calm, patient, easygoing, gentle, and amiable – a friend to all.  If its family is threatened, however, the Newfoundland can act protectively.

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