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Standards for the Rottweiler



General Appearance:

Muscular, powerful, and aggressive looking, it stands erect with its head held high and back straight. The tail should be docked. If present, dewclaws should be removed at the time of tail docking.




The skull is broad, the stop will be well pronounced. The nose is also well developed with large dark nostrils. The slightly arched neck is strong and muscular. The ears are small, set high and wide, and held close to the well boned cheeks. The dark almond shaped eyes are medium in size.




The compact yet squarely built, muscular body has a deep set chest. The back is straight, and always horizontal to the ground while either moving or standing still. The docked tail, (traditional to the first joint) is set high. The hind legs are well angled while the forelegs are straight with the elbows set well under the body.




The under coat of gray, red, or black should not be visible. The over

coat is always black with red mahogany marks that are not to exceed

10% of the body color.




Females: 22-25 inches // 100 pounds

Males: 23-27 inches // 115 pounds




This dog of the Mastiff group was brought to Southern German by

 Hannibal as a pack animal and guard dog. While the Rottweiler is a

 natural guard dog and can be very aggressive toward strangers, with

 proper handling and obedience training it will make a loving and loyal


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