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Breed Standard for the Saint Bernard



General Appearance:       

The imposing Saint Bernard is powerful and proportionately tall.  It is strong and well-muscled.




Flews of upper jaw are well developed; muzzle short and deep; lower eyelids usually do not close completely but form an angular wrinkle; Skin wrinkled over eyes, but not excessively; head powerful with massive skull; ears rather high set, in shape of a rounded triangle;




Carried fairly low.




White with red, red or brindle with white; white must appear on chest, feet, tail tip, noseband, and collar; may have dark mask and ears




Weight:  120 – 200 lbs

Height:  Male:  min. 27.5”; Female:  min. 25”




Its coat comes in two types:  smooth, in which the short hair is very dense and tough, and long, in which the medium length hair is straight to slightly wavy.




The calm, easygoing Saint Bernard is gentle and patient around children, although it is not particularly playful.     

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