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Breed Standards for the Scottish Deerhound



General Appearance:

The Scottish Deerhound has a body like that of a Greyhound but it’s of larger size and bone, enabling it to run at great speed.




Good mustache and beard of silky hair; Long head with flat skull; Small, folded ears, dark in color




Long, tapering tail




All shades of gray and gray brindle, with dark blue-gray preferred; yellow, red, and fawn are permitted but not seen today




Weight:  male:  85-110 lb; female:  75-95 lb

Height:   male:  30-32”; female:  at least 28”




The hair is harsh and crisp, about three to four inches long on the body, ideally close lying.  Such a coat imparts a weather-resistant quality, an essential asset in cold, damp climates.




A mellow, low-key, and easygoing, a gracious and well-mannered addition to the home.

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