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Breed Standards for the Smooth Fox Terrier



General Appearance:

Square proportioned, standing over a lot of ground but with a short back




Skull flat and moderately narrow, head 7 – 7.25”long; Rather small, deep-set round eyes; Small, V-shaped ears, dropping forward with fold above skull level




Tail set high and carried gaily, but not over back or curled; about one fourth docked off




White should predominate (brindle, red, or liver markings are objectionable)




Weight:  male:  17 – 19 lb; female 15 – 17 lb

Height:   male: should not exceed 15.5”;  female:  smaller




White trotting gets most of its propulsion from the rear quarters




Flat, hard, and dense, also with a short, fine undercoat




Energetic, inquisitive, bold, feisty, playful, mischievous, independent, and adventurous

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