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Standards for the Beagle

General Appearance: This perky, alert, and active scent hound may have received its name from the Celtic word "beag" meaning "small". It has a compact, yet hardy and strong appearance.

Head: Dome shaped with a well defined stop. Square shaped muzzle of medium length. The ears are low set, fairly broad with rounded tips held close to the head. The brown or hazel eyes are set wide and large. While being alert, they tend to have a pleading expression.

Body: The chest is somewhat broad and deep. The shoulders have a clean muscular slope. The back is short, strong, and also muscular. The forelegs as well as the hind legs are straight turning neither in nor out. The strong, fairly short tail is carried upright with no curvature towards the back.

Color: The smooth, short, waterproof coat is tri-colored in any true hound color. (Black, White, Tan)

Size: Females: class I: under 13 inches // 15-20 pounds class II 13-15 inches // 20-30 pounds

Males: class I: under 13 inches //15-20 pounds class II 13-15 inches // 20-30 pounds

Temperament: While beagles are good natured, they can be willful, so benefit from firm handling. They are very energetic and loyal companions.

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