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Standards for the Bull Mastiff

General Appearance- Symmetrical build with an alert, powerful stance.

Head- Large, square skull with the ears set high, wide and level with occiput and cheeks. The forehead is flat with a moderate stop. Dark eyes are set with muzzle width apart with furrows in between. Black nose, wide nostrils and a dark mask

Body- Solid deep broad chest with the ribs well sprung. The back is short and level. The forelegs are muscular, straight, and set wide apart. The wide set muscular lions have a well developed 2nd thigh.

Color- Short dense coat of fawn or brindle, with the exception of a small white crest on chest the color white is undesirable.

Size- Females- 24 to 26 inches //100 to 120 pounds

Males- 25 to 27 inches // 110 to 130 pounds

Temperament- This dog of the mastiff group hails from Northern England. It was originally breed as a gamekeepers assistant, to ward off, and-or stay poachers; by crossing he Bulldog and the Mastiff. It’s territorial nature, coupled with its calm intellect; makes for a loyal family protector and companion.

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